Time Machines  ››

Time Machines ››

Photographs truly are Time Machines. I,ve had the privilege of being able to photograph some people for the second time…

Children  ››

Children ››

Photographing children (I don’t mean professional model/actor children) is always an adventure into the unknown.I try to just let them…

The Maurice Seymour Gallery  ››

THe Maurice Seymour Gallery ››

Photographer to the Celebrities Actually, there were two Maurice Seymours. The brothers Maurice Zeldman and Seymour Zeldman came to Chicago…

Personal, Family and Friends  ››

Personal, Family and Friends ››

Family and Friends. Those are the most important things in our lives. I have two children and 5 grandchildren and…

Unveiled  ››

Unveiled ››

I’ve been so fortunate in my career as a photographer to have met and been able to photograph these wonderful…

Salvation  ››

Salvation ››

We have been innundated with some amazing, heartbreaking photographs from all over the world about the horrors of war, earthquakes, floods, sunamies,…

Maxwell Street, 1954  ››

Maxwell Street, 1954 ››

In 1954 (when I was 18) a friend of mine who’s uncle had a table on Maxwell Street asked if…

Portraits  ››

Portraits ››

We all wear masks. I think my job (when doing a portrait) is to find the moment when the mask…

Horses and Other Creatures  ››

Horses and Other Creatures ››

We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals… In a world older and more…

Landscapes  ››

Landscapes ››

Putting my camera gear in the back of my truck and leaving Chicago to get out in the country has…

Chicago  ››

Chicago ››

Born here, live here, work here, still here….