2012 One Man show at Morpho Gallery, Chicago
2009 Maison Rouge Gallery
2007 Exhibit at the Black Walnut Gallery
2006 Group show at the 4Art Gallery
One man show at the Maison Rouge Gallery
2005 Around the Coyote 2005 art exhibit
Stephen Daiter Gallery: Maxwell Street
2004 Around the Coyote 2004 art exhibit
Wag Gallery: ongoing exhibit
2003 One man show at Skylight Gallery
2002 Around the Coyote 2002 art exhibit
Group show at Skylight Gallery
2001 Exhibit at Out of the West
Around the Coyote 2001 art exhibit
2000 One man show at Toshiro
Around the Coyote 2000 art exhibit
1999 One man show at The Northside Café
Around the Coyote 1999 art exhibit
1998 Around the Coyote 1998 art exhibit
Ongoing showing at Mongerson Wunderlich Galleries
1997 Around the Coyote 1997 art exhibit.
One man show at The Northside Café in Chicago
1996 Group show at Mongerson & Wunderlich Galleries in Chicago.
Around the Coyote 1996 art exhibit.
One-man show at Gallery One in Chicago
1995 One-man show at Mongerson & Wonderlick Galleries
Work also  shown at ART CHICAGO-1995 at Navy Pier
1994 Made part of permanent collection at The Museum of Contemporary Photography
Eclectic Junction Group Show
Around the Coyote exhibit.
1993 Chicago Photographic Print Fair
Los Angeles Print Fair
1992 Chicago Photographic Print Fair
Around the Coyote exhibit
1991 Chicago Photographic Print Fair
1633 Gallery–Chicago
Los Angeles Photographic Print Fair
10,000 Eyes Exhibit
1990 Dennis Harris Gallery–Chicago
Krochs & Brentanos Gallery–Chicago
B. Deemer Gallery–Louisville, KY
1988 One Man Show at Krochs & Brentanos Gallery–Chicago
1985 One Man show at Pallas Photographica Gallery–Chicago
1971-1973 Limited Image Photography Gallery–Chicago