Every once in a while when someone calls for an old photograph of mine, I go down to my basement and begin to look for it. After about a half hour of searching through storage boxes, I have to stop. I’m emotionally drained from all the memories that the photos invoke.

I call them “Time Machines”

NOT VERY LIKELY—–Not with stuff like this around.
Photographs are powerful things.
Each one triggers a memory
Of places, friends, family, events in my life;
Of good times and bad times;
Friends who have disappeared;
Friends who have died;
Relationships lost by my own stubbornness or stupidity;
Friends who keep getting older while their pictures remain young
Each one a reminder of the swiftness of the years.

Photographs are such powerful things. They trigger all this stuff that was lying dormant in your brain. Suddenly, there’s a spark that brings back a flood of memories.

Photography is the primary focus of my life. Almost all of my friends and acquaintances have been made through my photography. My work has taken me all over the world and has enabled me to see and experience things I never would have if it weren’t for this profession, this passion.

I’m grateful to all my friends and clients who’ve put their faith in my vision.